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ShootingPlus V3
A Bluetooth tool for mobile phone controllers and thrones, assisting users in customizing Bluetooth controllers, thrones mapping click positions and button function definitions, and cursor simulation display.
A tool app that modifies the parameters and key positions of a game controller containing the ShootingPlus Bluetooth protocol.
Gamepad Plus
After connecting to the standard Android Bluetooth controller, activate the touch phone's application app.
ShanWan MFi
Suitable for apps with MFi protocol game controllers, including Xbox, PS4, PS5, MFi and other game controllers. In the APP, you can download games that support the MFi protocol game controller, as well as test the controller buttons.
A tool APP that allows customization of functions such as Bluetooth controller key mapping, key combo, motor properties, key macros, trigger button dead zone, joystick dead zone, and joystick mapping after private protocol connection.
The Bluetooth controller assisted application aims to assist users in collecting and integrating all games that support Bluetooth controller direct play, providing a game collection platform for players to quickly understand which games on Google Play can be directly connected to Bluetooth controllers for direct play.